Where to Install Automatic Fly Spray Dispensers?

12 October 2020 · 2 min read

The key to success with automatic dispensers is the positioning.

Fly spray that blows out the door in never going to solve a pest problem.  Try to keep dispensers in areas of stiller air. 

Flies, mozzies and midges are best treated by installing dispensers beside or above open doorways and windows.  This creates a pyrethrum barrier that will deter insects from entering the building. 

With every install

  • Do not use double-sided tape to mount. It is not strong enough and units will fall and break
  • Do not mount close to the air conditioner, air curtain or rangehood
  • Do not mount close to ceiling fans
  • Leave min. of 30cm between top of unit and ceiling/side walls
  • Units must be installed vertically. Dispensers will not function upside down or horizontally
  • To be HACCP compliant, units cannot be mounted directly above food preparation areas including chopping boards and passes
  • Always test spray units to ensure content is staying in the desired area, not being blown outside and away. Use the small black primer button to test before selecting a location for all units.
  • Do not mount dispensers over aquariums

Installing units for fly control

  • Identify where the flies congregate and how they are gaining entry to the premises
  • Consider air circulation, breeze and range hoods when deciding placement of dispensers
  • For optimal performance install the units two metres above the ground.
  • Units are ideal above front and back doors or mounted either side of doors if the opening is very wide.

Installing units for vinegar fly control

The small vinegar flies are best treated where they breed, generally in under bar areas and dark, moist, warm under bench spaces.
Vinegar flies like beer over-flow buckets and unsealed drains. In these situations, dispensers are fitted beneath the bar areas.

  • Mount units under bar areas, dispensing over open drainage pipes and drip tray over flow pipes. (Tape drains closed where possible)
  • The higher the unit is mounted the longer the product will stay airborne. Do not spray straight onto the underside of the bar. Airborne is best.
  • It can be good practice to secure the lower portion of the unit into place so they don’t get knocked out of position during routine cleaning (a
    small zip-tie is sufficient).
  • Vinegar flies are attracted to water leaks, the engine warmth of glass washing machines, sticky spills, floor mats, wet mops, dirty linen and drains
    They will breed in these areas. When disrupted they will move towards the ceiling.
  • By targeting the insects where they breed you will eliminate them.

Installing units at home

Installation for home use follows similar procedures as installing dispensers in a restaurant.

  • Mount a unit inside, beside external doorways to deter insects from entering.
  • Look for areas that attract flies, for example large glass windows. Place a unit in these problem areas
  • Mount unit in the hallway to stop insects from going into bedrooms.

How to refill an automatic fly control dispenser

Fly control dispensers are easy to refill.  Click here for photos  showing how to change over a refill can.