How? Tips for Installing Automatic Dispensers

19 March 2021 · 2 min read

Tips for Installing Automatic Dispensers

To open an automatic dispenser Step 1
To Open Dispenser
Opening an Automatic Dispenser Step 2
Push Up With Your Thumb
To Close An Automatic Dispenser Step 1
To Close Dispenser
Automatic Dispenser hinges from the top
Hinge From The Top
  • Do not use double-sided tape to mount automatic dispensers.  It is not strong enough to hold the weight of the dispenser plus a refill can.  The automatic dispenser will fall and break.  l’ve tried all the double sided tapes, carpet layers tape, extra heavy duty – the works.  The verdict is,  double sided tape does not work!
  • Do not mount close to air conditioners, air curtains or range hoods.  The product will be sucked into the intake and clog your air filters.  The required distance here will depend on the strength of your particular machine.  Take the automatic dispensers to the potential area and test.  Ensure the spray is not going to waste and clogging up your filters.
  • Do not mount close to ceiling fans.
  • Leave minimum of 30 cms between top of  the dispenser and ceiling and 60 cms between the dispenser and side wall.
  • Automatic dispensers must be installed vertically. Dispensers will not function upside down or horizontally.
  • To be HACCP compliant, automatic dispensers cannot be mounted directly above food preparation areas including chopping boards and the pass.
  • Always test spray automatic dispensers to ensure content is staying in the desired area, not being blown outside and away.  Use the small black primer button to test before settling on an install location.
  • Do not mount dispensers near aquariums.   Cold blooded creatures are unable to metabolise pyrethrin.
  • Want to speak to a chef about where to mount your dispensers?  Call The Fly Lady on 0439 37 59 44