Australasian Hospitality & Gaming Expo 2022

01 January 2022 · < 1 min read

Australian Hospitality & Gaming Expo Brisbane 2022

It’s back !The MAX Australasian Hospitality and Gaming Expo (AHG Expo) will return to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on 23rd & 24th March 2022. The first opportunity for our industry to come together in a large-scale networking setting in over 2 years.  AHG Expo ’22 is going to be big!.

I look forward to taking part and answering any questions about how to keep your hospitality business free of flies and vinegar flies.

23-24th March 
Stand 152

Please come and let me help you rid bar areas of vinegar flies and food spaces, including commercial kitchens, of pesky, unhygienic blowflies.   There are several solutions and they are all effective, food safe and cost efficient.

I look forward to being of assistance  🙂
Kind Regards
The Fly Lady 

For information about eliminating Fermentation Flies click here 



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